Search Engine Optimization

Been looking for someone in the Corning, NY, Western NY, and Finger Lakes region that can help your business be found a little easier in Google and other search engines? You’ve come to the right place.

Need proof? How easy was it for you to find me?
There you go…

How do I get my business found in Google?

Is it hard to do?

These questions, or some version of them, are probably the most common when it comes to search engine optimization.

The best answer?
It is actually fairly simple, but it isn’t always easy…
Except when it is.

There are many different factors at play but two of the most important are:

1. Your competition
How much is there in your area for your type of business?

2. Your competition (again)
How well do THEY know what they’re doing in terms of SEO?

Ready to talk?


“I can help you get your business where you want it to be”

“I can help you get your business where you want it to be”

Where are you?

When a potential client searches for your type of business, where does your website, and every other online presence your business has for that matter, show up in the results?

We are talking in general terms here. Different people will search for you in different ways, using different words and phrases, but as a general rule, you’re likely NOT where you want to be otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page!

Let’s sit down and take a “snap shot in time” in order get an understanding of your current web presence.

Where do you want to be?

For some businesses, the hope is to be listed first in the Google map pack, #1 in organic searches, and to have Google ads running at all times – with similar results across all the search engines. However, this isn’t always the case. And, believe it or not, it isn’t always what you’d want or need!

For example, maybe you run a restaurant that specializes in a particular type of cuisine. Obviously, being #1 for ANY type of restaurant query isn’t likely…and it isn’t even really what you’d want. However, coming up near the top of Google for, say, “Thai cuisine” is more achievable AND likely what you’re aiming for anyway if that’s the type of restaurant you own! If you run a towing company, well…that’s a different story!

My point is…

Every business is unique and every owner has different goals. Explain to me what your hopes are and together we can take the next step.

Let’s blaze a trail.

Once we’ve established the type of web presence you currently have, as well as they type of web presence you’d LIKE to have, it is time to make a plan to put the rubber to the road.

I will take a day or two to analyze your situation, take a hard look at what your competition is like and what THEY are doing online, and put together a plan of action that works not only for your personal timeline, but your budget as well.

Perhaps you’re a relatively tech-savvy person and would like me give suggestions as to what you can do personally to enhance your web presence while leaving other things to me? Or, perhaps you’d rather take a look at what I’ve put together and just say “go” and have me take care of everything? Whatever the case may be, I am happy to work with you and help out in practically any capacity.

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