Thirsty Fish Design: One Business, 2 Services

1. WordPress Web Design

WordPress is by far the world’s most popular free content management system (CMS) available. WordPress is easy to install, extendable, amazingly powerful and, did I mention… FREE!? Despite all the pluses, there IS a significant learning curve involved to become proficient in its use – especially if you’re not tech savvy; and even once that proficiency with WordPress itself is accomplished there is much more to the story.

Learn more about WordPress and see some examples of my work.

Margie Seiderman
“As a new small business owner I knew that to be successful I needed a strong presence on the Internet. Marc took the time to fully assess my business goals and aspirations: with that knowledge he created a website that is artistic, functional, and highly user friendly; moreover, a site that can grow and change with a developing business. Marc couples his creative talent with practical know-how to develop a product that delights the eyes while allowing ease of operation.”

~ Margie Seiderman
Owner: Bluebird Trail Farm

2. Logo Design

No question about it – your company’s logo is the most important piece of the branding puzzle. Logos and branding are virtually inescapable in today’s world. Can you think of the word “NIKE” without mentally picturing the famous “swoosh”, or Coca Cola without seeing their trademark red and white branding? Do you think this is accdiental? So you’re SURE you want to hire a five dollar free lancer to create an image that “sticks” in the public’s mind??
See some examples of my work.

Matt Chandler
“Working with Marc to design a logo for our law firm’s 50th anniversary was an awesome experience. He captured the look and feel we were going for, made adjustments along the way, and made sure we were 100% satisfied with the finished product. We use the logo on all of our printed materials, t-shirts, and website, and get so many compliments!”

~ Matt Chandler
Director of Marketing and Business Development: Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP.