AERIAL REAL ESTATE SHOOT – Cabins to Castles Realty

The following images are from an aerial photoshoot done December 15th, 2022 for a Watkins Glen based realty company. These are two empty lots approximately 2 miles from one another. Views are of Seneca Lake.

Images shot with a DJI Mavic 3 drone with all settings in automatic. Original photos are approximately 5000 x 3000 at screen resolution. These photos were enhanced in both camera raw as well as traditional PHOTOSHOP settings.

For those interested, Real Estate shoots begin at $150 for a session (depending on drive time) and include all raw photos and video taken at the time of the shoot. DJI camera quality is absolutely tremendous and, in most cases, the raw shots will serve all needs. However, I have been using Photoshop for over 20 and am happy to make your entire shoot – or specific pictures of your choosing – be nothing short of breathtaking. Photo enhancement rate is $65/hr.